Bad memories

I'd guess it depends on the type and degree to which it affects people as to how interesting it might be. Having a bad taste come into your mouth at the sight or sound of something doesn't seem fun. But from what I'vre read of synaesthetes recounting their experiences, the vast majority seem happy with it, and can't imagine life without it. Certainly, it doesn't deprive you of anything a 'normal' person has, so I wouldn't class it as a disability.

I actually think I might be synaesthetic (I'm sure nobody could care less, but there we go), of the grapheme-colour sort. I've always strongly assiciated most numbers and letters with differenc colours, to the point where the colours involved helps me remember numbers (I'm still rubbish with numbers, anyway, but I suppose I can blame that on some colours being so darn similar. )I only actually learned that other people don't see things the same way when I saw a programme about synaestesia on TV, and I was like 'Other people don't see coloured letters???' It had enver occured to me that it was unusual.

I'm not sure what a proper synaethete is supposed to be or feel like, (so who knows? I may just be imaginative as opposed to synaesthetic, lol) but I can't imagine what numbers or letters would be like without the colours attached to them. I can't say whether it helps with creativity or not, I suppose because I find it very hard to draw the line between what is proper 'inspiration' and what might be hardwired into your brain. but I like being creative on, so I suppose it can't hurt to see things a little differently.

I was hoping there'd be a whole bunch of people here brought out of the woodwork about their synaesthesia, but alas, it seems there are none.

Supposedly quite a few famous artists and musicians have been synaesthesic

Personally, I have a hard time drawing the line between "X reminds me of Y for reasons I can't really explain" and actual synaesthesia. For instance, where does "Vick's Vapo-Rub reminds me of wood paneling" fade into "blue + purple = 9?? The guy in the article sounds more like the former than the latter, in my opinion.

I have serious issues associating smells with particular abstract concepts, Jasminlive events, people, places, etc (and not necessarily obvious ones like 'peppermint reminds me of Christmas") - but I'm pretty sure I don't have synaesthesia.

Hey: Site folks; could you maybe make it so when you login, you get sent straight to the thread you were reading? Those few extra seconds make a huge difference to me in remembering what I was about to say.

what? oh. Synesthesia is one of few conditions I actually envy. I mean, some people pay good money for the drugs to feel like that! It sounds so cool. I wouldn't really classify it a mental illness so much as a sort of mental deviance. I'd imagine it works out really well for artistic types.

The name thing is something I understand; the particular spelling of a person's name factors into my first impressions and prejudices me a little. It would be cooler, IMO, to base one's opinions on their gematria value.

Waltherboro may have followed procedure for the dept

Some teachers, particularly women, are smaller than a number of students. The principles tend to have the pre-prison classes taught by ex-mil men or large women with martial arts experience. Some 11 year olds are at their adult size. The chaturbat lad who wed his little blonde teacher was one.

Though, I wonder greatly about a person refusing to produce a license. 21 times is raising the doubts about her.

Inmate with mental illness? Mayhaps. Or was it something else. Nearly every jailbird in this little country county has 'mental illness'. Some actually do, but most use it for scamming the system. Still, follow the procedures, as the perps will sue your @ss personally for not adhering.

Oh, grand juries will indict a ham sandwich so I'd like to hear more about this when the political grandstanding is done. They could have a problem. "in the south, no way, they don't have any issues with race and class"-snark

This country has too many handguns, and tasers are an alternative to handguns

A taser is better than having the cop wrestle with a suspect who is resisting, and better than having the cop beat someone with a nightstick or flashlight.

I also think that the taser provides a non-lethal solutions to problems that would probably require cops to kill suspects if there were no stun-guns.

I also think tasers are better than handguns for civilian self-defense and home defense in many situations.

This country requires hundreds of thousands of law enforcement and corrections officers because we have serious crime problems. There are mean, armed people out there who will hurt you or kill you for fun, for sexual gratification, or for the money in your wallet, and someone has to hunt these people down and lock them up.

Unfortunately, there are bad people who are cops, just like there are bad people who do all kinds of other things. Proper review of situations where any kind of force is used is necessary, and when cops commit crimes, they should be held responsible for them.

But a bad cop with a club or a gun is just as bad, and probably worse than a bad cop with a taser.

Why don't they train people?

Well...I have to say, making a phone call instead of complying with an officer's request? And failing to comply 22 times? From the video it sounds like they deserve one another. She's rude, so is he, but he's the one with the Taser. Still..he's a guy. He's got muscle mass on her. He just used the Taser because he could. Frankly, any interaction with an officer that goes on that long without there being violence would seem to be a success to me, and he's the one that screwed the pooch.

As for the eleven-year-old--I'm smaller than lots of eleven year olds, and they know it. There's some scary kids out there. This one drew blood, so I don't know.

The mentally ill inmate story was appalling. They're going to have to deal with the mentally ill, shouldn't they understand that? Now the guy's permanently paralyzed. I hope he sues their asses off.

Eleven out of seventeen people were tasered were African American? Well, hell, it's not like they're a minority of the population or--Oh, wait, yeah. That's right. Does anybody have a breakdown on just how much of our LE is white male? I know it's 90 percent male, but just how many of them are whites?