The taser is not as dangerous as some media accounts make it sound

I think a suspect dying after getting hit with a nightstick is less newsworthy these days, but not less rare.

I know that many taser training programs for officers include requiring the officers to get hit with the taser, so they know what it feels like before they deploy it on a suspect. I think they ground themselves better against the electricity and they seem to take precautions against injuries related to falling. But they get hit with the taser.

I picked Europe as it is usually the standard for such things as living wages and health care. I also seem to recall a little issue with the suburban youth. (France) Now, the EU has had a long history with the Muslims and not all of it is positive. In fact, many local festivals celebrate the end of Muslim rule. Anyway, they have the same oddly skewed crime and nonwhite question. I used it to point out that the US is not alone in this and that we really can't gloss it over with 'how evil the US is'. No, I don't want to delve into long discussions on causes.