Not surprisingly, a great many people that have chosen this are non-white

I won't get into reasons as that is a long and detailed discussion but I will point out that it is out of proportion to their percentage of the population.

The officer did attempt to restrain and arrest the suspect. It's in the video. She resisted and was pretty damn successful. Pain compliance may not work on her and that leaves us with backup and Taser for non-lethal choices.

As I stated before, mentally ill may be real or it may be a dodge to avoid work detail, cell change, etc. One of my faves from corrrections is the number of Muslims in prison. Why? Muslims eat halal, which is usually a better food quality. Very few of the perp Muslims can quote the Prophet but they are very sure about their meals.

I love it when the MSM describes the offender. I have taught such lads and they can be 6'2? and 220 lbs, all of it stoopid muscle. Or they can be 4'0? and IQ in the high triples.

Why should I take a look at crime in Europe when I'm in American and asked about America? Or do you just not want to answer the question? How many LE officers are white and male? Do you suppose an all-white male LE and justice system might have biases against blacks and other minorities that might lead them to arrest blacks on lighter pretexts, thus dooming them for life?

Militaristic institutions that are majority male tend to skew conservative and tend to include a higher proportion of wife-beaters, bigots and so forth. You don't think that might have an effect on arrests or anything, do you? Do you think that might have an effect on who gets viewed suspiciously?